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Aashar Wahla

From Concept to Code: Making Digital Dreams Come True.

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Welcome! I'm Aashar Wahla, a seasoned software engineer with a passion for creating cutting-edge mobile apps. With over 5 years of experience in the tech industry, I specialize in Dart, Flutter, and Go. I'm also a certified Azure professional. I thrive on solving complex problems and transforming ideas into tangible, impactful solutions. Let's collaborate to bring your next digital vision to life!



Founder at CodeCross

Your Vision, Our Code

At CodeCross, we specialize in crafting cross-platform applications that delight users and meet business needs. We're experts in Dart, Flutter, Firebase, and Azure. More than just developers, we're partners in bringing your digital dreams to reality. Our core philosophy revolves around customer satisfaction, ensuring that we exceed expectations, every time.

2021 -

Solutions Engineer at Kaleidoscope

Silicon Valley Startup

Silicon Valley, CA, USA

In my role at Kaleidoscope, a cutting-edge startup in Silicon Valley, I honed my skills as a Solutions Engineer. My responsibilities spanned multiple cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and AWS. I have had the opportunity to delve deep into back-end technologies, particularly Go, and specialized databases like Apache Tinker Pop Graph DB.

2022 -


University of Management & Technology

Bachelor's in Computer Science

Lahore, Pakistan

2014 - 2016


Mobile App Development

- Dart

- Flutter

Cloud Compution

- Microsoft Azure (Certified)

- Amazon Web Services

Database Management


- Firebase

- Apache TinkerPop Graph DB



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